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Quality machining

Multi Task 5 Axis CNC
The major benefit of five-axis machining is the ability to machine complex shapes in a single set-up. This gives greater machining productivity compared to performing the task in multiple set ups. Our 5 Axis CNC machines significantly reduce the time and cost of manufacturing and production while maintaining accuracy.

  • CNC(2) up to 2997mm x 813mm diameter
  • CNC(2) up to 1499mm x 813mm diameter
  • CNC(1) up to 686mm x 381mm diameter
  • CNC(1) up to 1041mm x 610mm diameter
  • CNC(1) up to 1524mm x 584mm diameter
  • CNC 8 axis(1) up to 1011mm x 344mm diameter

Investment in accurate, rigid and high torque machinery allows us to exceed the quality requirements demanded of our customers. We have the experience machining the most difficult "super alloys" and everything in between.

  • CNC(29) 3 & 4 Axis up to 1575mm x 635mm x 686mm
  • RAM type CNC(1) 3988mm x 1270mm x 1524mm
  • Manual (4) up to 1219mm x 305mm x 457mm
  • CNC Boring Mill(1)
  • CNC 5 Axis Vertical Mill(4) up to 700mm x 450mm

3D printing allows us to do away with traditional manufacturing constraints. Additive manufacturing allows for the creation of parts at rates much lower than traditional machining. From Concept to 3D print in the same day. Our 3D printing can shrink a product's development process and speed up customer orders.

  • Additive Manufacturing System(1)
    Building volume up to 249mm x 249mm x 325mm

Our CNC turning capacity allows us to manufacture the simplest parts to the most complicated in all quantities and in a wide variety of materials. When our multitask machines are utilized for turning complexity can increase as well as sizing, up to 3 metres in length is possible.

  • CNC(9) up to 2032mm x 711mm diameter
  • Manual(2) up to 1016mm x 305mm diameter
  • Bar feeding capabilities

With the precision and high-speed of wire EDM machines, parts can be economically produced. The consistent reliability of wire EDM is one of the greater advantages of this process. EDM manufacturing allows us to create complex shapes and thin walled configurations without any burring or distortion.

  • CNC Wire(2) up to 508mm x 368mm x 305mm
  • CNC Wire(1) up to 508mm x 368mm x 406mm
  • CNC Wire(3) up to 508mm x 368mm x 305mm(with rotary axis)
  • CNC Sink(1) up to 508mm x 356mm x 610mm
  • Hole Burner(1)